mobyDocs is a multiplatform Document Management System that is an alternative to online drives, with more control, safety, flexibility and privacy.

Built for Business and Professionals needs

Benefit from a better and smoother workflow with mobyDocs and its library eDocs. Reduce paperwork and enhance your official procedures NOW

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With ordinary document platforms, you cannot be sure of where your data is going.

mobyDocs provides you with enterprise-grade security, safety and control. Giving you access to existing employee directories and also gather all of your stored documents on company servers (on premise, NAS, cloud IaaS or PaaS) into one platform, using your daily Professional credentials to get connected.

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So many reasons to use mobyDocs

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    • Possibility to host your data in the cloud and on your own servers
    • Double factor authentication
    • Access to existing data sources such as FileSystem, (s)FTP, S3, etc.
    • Monitor user’s activities in real-time
    • Indexation for quick search
    • eDocs


    • Switch between different devices (Smartphone, Tablet or Desktop)
    • Preview the most common formats on mobyDocs (as audio, video, PDF, Office Documents).
    • Share your files or your folders as secured weblinks.
    • User-friendly mobile solution
    • Get notified when a file or folder is consulted or modified
    • Create a public minisite
    • eDocs
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